Clearview Fence & the impact on educational facility security

Education centers play pivotal roles in our society, through the education of young South Africans; critical steps are taken to increase the development of South Africa as a whole. The success and longevity of the education system relies primarily on three aspects. These include the state of art equipment needed, the availability of the latest in learning resources and academics and finally the ability of educational facilities to maintain a safe, secure and proactive learning environment for all.

Why is there a large need for security fencing?

In the world we live in, the valuable items that are deemed crucial to experience a positive working environment bring rise to theft and an increased number of cases involving vandalism and arson are occurring due to lack of perimeter fencing. These sorts of crimes place immense pressure burdens on school finances and ultimately the taxpayer. The increased need for a powerful, durable and effective fencing protection product has brought rise to the demand in the Clearview Fencing industry within South Africa.

The effective and leading solution known as Clearview is starting to have major implications for the South African security industry as a whole. According to recent statistical publications, it is estimated that correctly designed and installed school perimeter fencing can reduce crimes such as breaking and entering by as much as 60%, trespassing by 85% and vandalism by close to 74%.

The security and protection offered by Clearview Fencing is primarily targeted towards keeping students safe during educational hours. The additional safety net arises due to the highlighted danger of unauthorised removal of children and theft that tends to occur in many different forms and levels of severity. In addition, school fencing such as Clear View Fencing creates a safe learning environment suitable for children and therefore protecting them from various safety issues.

Features of an effective fencing design such as Clearview Fence:

The importance of choosing the correct fencing product for your property cannot be undervalued. The correct material and structure is needed to always ensure that the desired effectiveness, durability and force impact is achieved. The following outlines a few essential requirements:

  • Climb and cut resistant.
  • CCTV Optimised.
  • Forced entry resistance – high levels of force impact testing.
  • Maintains visual surveillance lines to avoid hiding places.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High durability

To conclude, the evident need for a school perimeter fence will add a valuable asset to your educational facility, while at the same time, protecting your students and increasing the positive learning environment. Get your perimeter solutions from the leading experts in the industry. Clearview Fence, your one-stop solution for highly advanced security products.