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We love our clients and want them to remain with us as long as possible, we offer maintenance and servicing on your perimeter fencing. Contact us today for your free quote.


We take pride in our product, we believe it is the best and most affordable type of fence on the market. All our Clear View Fences are manufactured locally in South Africa.


Due to our experience in the industry and our belief in our product we can say with certainty that we are the best in the clear view game. We deliver fast, reliable and affordable services guaranteed.


Clear View Fence was founded in late 2014, we have since expanded our reach from Johannesburg to the entirety of Gauteng. We provide the most aesthetically pleasing fences around. Our Clear View Fencing offers great perimeter security, the invisible fence makes it easier to see in and out of the property ensuring total protection.

Our business got it’s start through valuable long lasting client relationships which is why we try our very best to offer value to our customers. We are extremely customer orientated and if you aren’t happy, neither are we. For aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable Clear View fencing, call us now.


Our Features



Due to the small apertures in the fencing it becomes virtually impossible to climb.



Our fence is anti-cut which means that it cannot be cut by conventional tools. This also makes the fence resistant to depreciation.

CCTV Optimised

CCTV Optimised

The benefit of our fence is that it gives you a clear view of your property allowing security cameras and teams survey the area.

"Clear View Fencing has truly delivered an outstanding service to our property. Great quality and installed to our satisfaction."


Our Clearview Fence Packages


Your Leader In Clear View Fencing

For ultimate perimeter security, Clear View Fencing has undoubtedly become the leader in high performance, durable and an effective solution to a wide variety of issues. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural based you can be rest assured that this is the perfect fencing solution. Contact us today for your new property fencing.

We ensure that all our ClearView Fence ranges undergo extensive rigorous tests that aim to ensure their durability characteristics and force impact. Perimeter fencing that can be applied to high security infrastructure, airports, agricultural lands and farm land alike. Years of experience have aided to our growth and development and the leading Clear View Fence company.

We take pride in supply only the highest quality materials and fittings with all our fencing ranges. Whether you need additional security features such as electric fencing, security extensions, perimeter sensor monitoring systems or just an aesthetically pleasing fence that looks great and provides exceptional security to your property. We are your go-to company.

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Our highly experienced team knows exactly how to ensure the highest installation standards and product efficiency is conducted when undertaking your project. Our Clear View Fence installations are performed thoroughly and to exact customer satisfaction, therefore ensuring durability and lifetime.



We provide maintenance services to our clients whose Clear View Fencing systems have reached their life expectancy or just need some routine maintenance. We know exactly how to revamp your perimeter security fencing and apply the latest applications or extras available to keep you one step ahead.

Finishing Options

Finishing Options

We offer a variety of different finishing options that include: light and heavy galvanised, polyester powder, fusion bond (coastal) and plascoat/PVC. All of our ClearView Fencing products can be highly customized and coated towards your exact specifications. In certain instances we will recommend the most applicable option.

Extra Security

Extra Security

Our ClearView Fence systems can be selected based upon their aperture size which allows for low, medium and high security applications. We also have various additional extras that can be added to our fences such as electric fencing, anti-tamper screws, multi and maxi spikes as well as shear-off nuts and bolts.

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