Clear View fencing (Clear Vu) is popularly referred to as a highly anti-climb, anti-cut and also CCTV enhanced security barrier, now among the most appealing kinds of safety fencing systems out there. Clear view(vu) fence provides various addons to match our client’s budgets and maintain high standards of security for your premises.

Clear view(vu) fencing is now becoming a dominant force within the fencing industry, it is on every street corner and surrounding business. This is because our fence is very aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t just add security fencing but it also looks great against any property. We also do all clearview¬†fencing installations.

Clear View Fencing


Clearvu Fence

Our perimeter fencing methods are made to optimise your general residential or industrial property safety measures, such as securing your property and guarding your house and keeping your occupants out of dangers. Not only is it that our Clearview Fencing appropriate for safety applications but in addition, it encompasses the complete range of traffic control, agricultural applications and wildlife border security. We supply exceptional customer service matched with years of expertise since the best rated licensed fencing suppliers throughout Gauteng.

Our aim is to provide fairly priced clear view(vu) fencing products to businesses and individuals in South Africa. Our security fence is visually and is extremely secure, making your property impenetrable. Compared to other fencing products ours is built to last with a 10-year warranty guaranteed, with the best clear view fence prices in the industry no one comes close to us. We also supply individual fence panels to the whole of Africa. To get your free no obligation quote on the best invisible fence around town then give a call today!


Galvanised Fence Finish

All our fencing panels are created with a pre-galvanised finish, for light or heavy finishes.

Clearvu Polyester Fence Coating

This formulation helps the fence last longer and fight rust. It also protects the fence from sun rays.

Fencing Fusion Bond Finishing

Fusion bond helps for those looking for a fence down at the coast and need protection.

PVC Plascoat fence finishing

The ultimate finishing option, PVC & Plascoat allow the fence to last longer and withstand bad weather.


Our fencing has additional security options that you may add on when you order from us. Keeping your property secure from all angles is our main priority. Read more below to see what additional clearview(vu) fence options we are offering. Our security options are geared towards high-value premises from data centers to office parks.

Fencing Security Screws
Anti-Tamper Screws

Anti-Tamper Screws are built to prevent anyone from undoing your fence or finding small gaps by removing the screws. This solution resolves those problems.

Fencing Spike Protection
Maxi & Multi SpikesH

Multi & Maxi Spikes sit atop your fence to prevent anyone from getting over it. This addition provides the ultimate protection, as most criminals attempt to climb over the fence.

Invisible Fence
Shear Off Bolts & Nuts

Shear Off Nuts & Bolts protects your fence from anyone who would seek to undo our mesh material. Give us a call today to find out more about our unique security add-ons.